Judicia Strategy supports courts of law with the development of strategic plans, branding and communication design to support the modernization of courts, enhancement of internal and external communications and culture building.

Inside, Out.

Change starts inside, driven by your court’s needs in a quickly changing world.

How will you innovate to drive necessary change? How will you retain people and attract new talent? How will you bring judges and judicial staff together from optimizing workflows to improving morale? How will you engage and inspire your people to work together better to achieve your goals? With over 30 years of proven results, I want to work with Canadian and American courts to solve complex issues by facilitating the development of:

  • Strategic plans
  • Brand strategy (yes, courts can be brands if strategically considered)
  • Internal communications
  • External communications

From your court to the Bar, public and beyond.

I help develop communications potential by sharing the latest practices that are positively impacting courts and their reputation management programs. I work with you to develop communication strategies from planning to messaging and digital to social media content that will build context and awareness.

Outside, Right.

From Twitter to Instagram and digital video to VR, the role of court communications is evolving.

If you are not really considering the value and potential of social media communications as a court, you’re the only one not in the room at this point. There are right and wrong ways to approach social media communications. Courts have a responsibility to be in social spaces for the best reasons since not being present creates opportunities for others to tell your story and not in ways that you may expect or value. We help courts understand social media marketing and how, in safe ways, better content can be shared to help level the field.

  • Digital and Social Media Content Strategies
  • Content Creation, video, experience design and VR
  • Automation and Analytics

Left and right.

Learn how court communications and public engagement is changing.

Beyond bringing you insights about what is happening with other courts, I work to:

  • Research regional and national judicial landscapes, best practices and innovative approaches to how courts are communicating internally and externally
  • Conduct perception audits and stakeholder surveys toward better communications planning
  • Develop engagement strategies that are on message, timely and measurable

Move ahead.

We know that change requires risk-taking and we are here to support you with all steps forward whether it’s next week or four years forward. Contact me to learn more.

About me

I’m Scott Cressman, strategist, communication designer and former childhood courthouse brat. My goal is to support the advancement of communications in courts in Canada and USA.

I started Judicia because, well, I was born into it. I grew up the son of a sheriff / magistrate / clerk / bailiff, of a rural courthouse in Fort Macleod, Alberta. My early days were spent playing with my brothers at the courthouse after school in back rooms, playing court in the empty courtroom or on occasion, being locked in one of the holding cells with my brothers on Saturday mornings at times to get us out of our mom’s hair. Call it creative parenting maybe but in the end it all taught me a lot about life.

My path took me into the world of marketing communications where I have worked with some of the world’s largest brands and through major periods of technological and social change. I have been fortunate to work with courts in Alberta, Canada and now, coming full circle, courts are an area of development that I believe I can help with anywhere. It’s a great opportunty to work with courts to positively impact the change they seek.

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Creative Strategy
and Design

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